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Cavalor Sole MateNew ProductCavalor Sole Mate£95.00 Inc VAT
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Cavalor Sole MateNew Product
Cavalor Sole Mate
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Cavalor SoleMate is developed to provide natural care for footsore horses due to galloping, jumping, pulled shoes, thin soles, bruises, abscesses, etc,. Cavalor SoleMate is a blend of natural ingredients that will not test and can be used during competitions. Cavalor SoleMate is designed to draw out pain, soreness and inflammation after a horses...
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500ml 10433 £95.00
Cavalor MuscoolerNew ProductCavalor Muscooler£30.00 Inc VAT
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Cavalor MuscoolerNew Product
Cavalor Muscooler
In stock
Cavalor Muscooler is designed to cool the tendons after intensive work. It helps to relax taut muscles, tendons and joints after exertion, thus bringing relief for any stiffness.  Cavalor Muscooler can be used: - After training. - At competitions. - During transport. Cavalor Muscooler is a cooling gel based...
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500ml 10392 £30.00
3 litre 10390 £99.00
Cavalor Ice ClayNew ProductCavalor Ice Clay£38.00 Inc VAT
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Cavalor Ice ClayNew Product
Cavalor Ice Clay
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Cavalor Ice Clay Cavalor Ice Clay is a poultice enriched with natural products, essential oils and minerals. Designed to slowly cool down stressed tendons, Ice Clay contains essential oils for calming and analgesic properties. 4kg
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4kg 10378 £38.00