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If there was ever a product that would make splints simply disappear some one could make a fortune! The reality is that this 'magic product' does not exist. We have tried many over the years including various blisters and counter irritants that make a mess of the leg and don't really achieve much  -  what good is achieved is probably done by the resultant box rest! The good news is that we have found one product called Splintex that appears to be effective on a large number of horses. It works by reversing the calcification process and allowing the horse to naturally reabsorb the deposits that have been laid down. It's also possible to keep horses in work during its application which is a great help. There are no guarantees but enough positive  testimonials to make it worth a try!

Gold Splintex
£29.95 Inc VAT

Silver Splintex
£24.95 Inc VAT