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Tea Tree Burst Shampoo£9.95 Inc VAT4.50 of 5 Stars!(2)
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Tea Tree Burst ShampooNew Product
Tea Tree Burst Shampoo
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LeMieux Tea Tree Burst - A Stimulating Shampoo! Gently soothes the skin as it cleans and de-greases. Effective as an anti-bacterial wash especially where coats are scurfy and hair follicles blocked. Actively removes dirt, stains and odours to rejuvenate hair as you wash. Tea Tree Burst creates a beautiful lather which leaves the hair...
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500ml 7368 £9.95
1 litre 7369 £14.50
4 litre 7370 £39.95
Lava Burst Shampoo£9.95 Inc VAT
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Lava Burst ShampooNew Product
Lava Burst Shampoo
In stock
LeMieux Lava Burst Shampoo- Luxurious Lathering Shampoo! Cleans, conditions and intesifies coat colour. Balanced and super concentrated formula with Aloe Vera & Camomile, enhanced with natural fruit extracts including Peach. Lava Burst creates a beautiful lather, effectively cleaning dirty, thick or matted coats. Ensures a soft natural...
Size Code Price Qty
500ml 7365 £9.95
1 litre 7366 £14.50
4 litre 7367 £39.95