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Gel Out Cushion Ride BlackProduct of the WeekReducedGel Out Cushion Ride Black£79.96  £71.96 Inc VAT
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Gel Out Cushion Ride BlackProduct of the WeekReduced
Gel Out Cushion Ride Black
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Gel Out Cushion Ride The most comfortable and shock absorbent seat saver ever with an increased 20mm depth of Acavallo Gel. Ideal for anyone with lower back, pelvis or hip issues. The same non-slip surface keeps you secure. Too bulky for some but offering the softest of rides. Also, perfect for long-distance rides or those who require just a...
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Large 9516 £79.96
Kinko Stirrup TitaniumKinko Stirrup Titanium£124.96 Inc VAT
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Kinko Stirrup Titanium
Kinko Stirrup Titanium
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The Kinko Stirrup stirrups stands out for the revolutionary design and the use of a material to the vanguard like the aluminium. This new design from the makers of the popular Jin Stirrup feature a more angled tread and a sleeker look. The Kinko Stirrup stirrup offers a "grip" without comparisons, thanks to the special...
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Pair 10617 £124.96
Acavallo AluPro Safety StirrupNew ProductComing SoonAcavallo AluPro Safety Stirrup£124.96 Inc VAT
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Acavallo AluPro Safety StirrupNew ProductComing Soon
Acavallo AluPro Safety Stirrup
Out of stock
Acavallo AluPro Safety Stirrup Patented side opening safety stirrup. Unique HiFlex stress activated locking & release mechanism with big opening in case of emergency. Reliable "one-click" re-engagement of the stirrup locking and release mechanism once triggered. Inner stirrup arm and foot plate constructed of continuous...
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