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If horses are calm and relaxed in their work often dictates how easy they are to train and certainly compete!  We normally associate the need for calmers with dressage and showing, but even in activities where maximum energy is  required, they can help conserve vital energy which might otherwise get used up by the stress of traveling or pre-event  preparations.   However, from our experiences, what works for one horse doesn't necessarily work for another, metabolisms as well as  temperaments vary. So there is an element of trial and error in finding the right one for your horse.  To help we've put together a range of products that we feel cover most calming options.

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Animalife VetroGard IntenseAnimalife VetroGard Intense£99.99 VAT Free
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Animalife VetroGard Intense
Animalife VetroGard Intense
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What is it? Vetrogard Intense is a proven gastric health support supplement designed for horses of all ages and activities. The palatable formulation is made from micronised soya that has been fermented with Lactobacillus delbruekii Rosell197. The challenge for anyone managing a stabled or active horse is to maintain and support gastric health...
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