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FreeStep Instamag ComforterReducedFreeStep Instamag Comforter£19.00  £9.95 Inc VAT
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FreeStep Instamag ComforterReduced
FreeStep Instamag Comforter
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Supporting comfort and mobility to muscles, backs, joints, hamstrings and strains. Directly spraying the area is far quicker, which will then be absorbed through the skin directly into the muscle tissue. Do not spray into eyes or on broken skin. Not to be used orally.
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300ml 9999 £19.00
Cavalor Take It EasyNew ProductCavalor Take It Easy£17.00 VAT Free
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Cavalor Take It EasyNew Product
Cavalor Take It Easy
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Cavalor Take It Easy is a syringed oral calmer paste for the reduction of stress reactions. Each 60cc syringe contains a high dose of Tryptophane, combined with Vitamins A, B3, E and magnesium to create a calming effect. Use 20-60cc before the stressful situation. For optimum results, give 20cc the evening before, 20cc in the morning...
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Single Syringe 10417 £17.00