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Cosequin EquineNew ProductCosequin Equine£198.50 VAT Free
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Cosequin EquineNew Product
Cosequin Equine
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Cosequin Equine Slows breakdown of cartilage to maintain joint health & ease of movement. Cosequin is only joint supplement on the market to contain patented combination of Glucosamine HCl (FCHG49) and low molecular weight Chondroitin Sulphate (TRH122), alongside Manganese Sulphate. There are over 50 published articles demonstrating its...
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700g 9172 £198.50
Vetrofen SachetNew ProductVetrofen Sachet£3.95 VAT Free
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Vetrofen SachetNew Product
Vetrofen Sachet
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Your first choice for keeping your horse sound, supple, happy and active, Vetrofen has a quick and long-lasting effect like no other. It has been scientifically formulated to offer support in dealing with intense activity or recovery from physical trauma, and is proven beneficial when administered both before and after a strenuous workout to aid...
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Single Sachet 10362 £3.95
Cavalor FreeBute Pro SyringeNew ProductCavalor FreeBute Pro Syringe£11.50 VAT Free
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Cavalor FreeBute Pro SyringeNew Product
Cavalor FreeBute Pro Syringe
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Cavalor FreeBute Pro is a syringe-based paste developed to support the muscles and gives nutritional support in times of muscle and joint stress. It contains natural ingredients to provide relief to muscles and joints in distress and is ideal for horses that have to deliver top performances at the highest level.   The relief of pain and...
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Single Syringe 10410 £11.50