Acavallo Gel Tail Bandage

Acavallo Gel Tail Bandage

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I have tried all sorts of tail bandages and tail guards to protect my horses tail, and this gel wrap is the ONLY thing that works. Some other guards protected his tail, but rubbed his hind quarters under his tail- this never does. It also has the advantage of never slipping. However, you have to be careful not to stretch it very much when putting it on, because it could easily be put on too tight, and it is quite short ( it is only just long enough to protect my horses tail far enough down, but he is 16.3)., so there is a temptation to stretch it. When new, it sticks to itself almost too much, and is quite difficult to unwrap(of course, it arrives rolled up from the wrong end- why do manufacturers do that with bandages?). It gets easier after a being used a few times. Washing is easy, and restores it to full stickiness again. When removing from the tail, you have to unwrap it carefully, because it can tear if you are too rough(my last one tore after about a year of use, because I got impatient when unwrapping it). There is no way you can slide it off like a normal bandage.
Date Added: 29/02/2016 by Rebecca Noble