Acavallo Wave Sensitive Bit

Acavallo Wave Sensitive Bit

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Acavallo Wave Sensitive Bit


Horses love this new Acavallo bit for a wide variety of reasons:

  • It is made of an innovative, anti-allergic plastic material instead of a heavy and/or cold metal or metal allloy.
  • Its slightly arched and flattened mouthpiece ensures that pressure on tongue, yaws and mouth corners, if applicable, is distributed evenly.
  • The one-piece design of mouthpiece and rings prevents a one-sided squeezing or pinching of tongue or yaws, as well as painful irritations of the palate (no “nutcracker effect”).
  • The new design, featuring a multitude of small “waves”, is a real aid when working horses with hardened or naturally special and sensitive mouths alike.
  • Thanks to the wave-shaped design of its mouthpiece, horses learn not to push in to or lean on the bit.
  • The bit’s waves and its lightweight, one-piece structure are stimulating the chewing activity of the horse, while schooling it to gently and evenly approach the well-balanced mouthpiece.
  • It enhances confidence of the horse in the rider’s hand because of its quiet and comfortable positioning in the mouth, helping the horse to find its ideal balance under the rider.


An ideal choice especially for the schooling of stronger young and the correction/retraining of difficult horses.

Made in Italy


Info & Care

Care Guide


  • Wipe clean.
  • Store in a clean, dry place.

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