Super Plus Fly Gel 500ml

Super Plus Fly Gel 500ml

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Super Plus Fly Repellent has always been the 'No 1' selling product of it's kind to deter all those nasty flying insects, and most importantly, where Super Plus has been sprayed, it protects against and calms the effects of midge bites. Where irritation is a problem Super Plus Fly Repellent will help stop the need to rub and soothe sore areas.
Voted Best Buy in Horse Magazine with a score of 15/15 (effectiveness - 5/5, Staying Power - 5/5 and Value for Money - 5/5), tried & tested by thousands, we are very conscious to ensure it stays on top. We are all aware of the changing patterns in our climate, that appear to be bringing longer periods of warm, damp weather - ideal conditions for bugs to thrive. Bearing this in mind we are constantly looking for ways to improve our formulations in order to keep our products the most effective and best value for money on the market, whilst at the same time ensuring that they are totally safe and kind to the animal, user themselves and to the environment.

Uses: Designed to keep the largest of flying insects at bay, including midge, bots, horseflies and most importantly calms and soothes the effects of midge bites. Our formulation is ready to fight this seasons influx of even larger, blood sucking and repellent resistant bugs. Strong and kind with the staying power that will defy those monsters ensuring it is your first choice to help your horse live comfortably and happily in a bug free environment. 'STRONG & LONG LASTING, BUT JUST AS KIND WITH SENSITIVE HORSES IN MIND.'

Contents: A blend of concentrated herbal oils, volatile essential oils and pure avocado oil. Fly repellents can have a drying effect, which is why we include pure avocado oil, the very best quality skin and coat conditioner for equine use. In the warmer weather the skin tends to become flaky and the hair dry and coarse. High in vitamins A, D and E it deep conditions hair and nourishes the skin.

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