Smart Tails Yellow Thinner

Smart Tails Yellow Thinner

Type Code Price Qty
Fine (20 teeth) 10272 £25.96
Medium ( 12 teeth) 10273 £24.50
Coarse (8 teeth) 10274 £23.50

Starting at: £23.50 Inc VAT


Smart Tails Yellow Thinner


The Yellow handled Easi-grip range is the latest addition to the Smart Tails range. The Yellow handle Smart Tails takes the same blades as the Professional range, it is finished with a tough plastic easi grip handle, with a competitive end price


Grades of blades and which one to choose :


  • Coarse blades are good for thick full tails, manes and think coats, which haven't been tidied before or are very coarse. This will process a large amount of thick hair easily and efficiently leaving a tidy looking finish. The coarse is also very good on natives that are being shown, and the end result needs to look tidy but still untouched.
  • Medium blades are good for the average type of mane, tail or coat. This will cope with medium to soft hair and is ideal on manes and tails.
  • Fine blades are mostly used on hair which have already been tidied or is quite fine. It is also useful to finish really thick tails when a show or close finish is needed, and the bulk of it has already been shaped with a coarser blade.
  • Superfine are used mostly for finishing small show ponies or animals with small docks and very fine hair, as it will get close to the fine top hairs. Also used on all types where final presentation is critical as it will pick up the top fine hairs which are sometimes more difficult with the other grades.  

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