Heritage Brush Set with Luxury Canvas Bag Grey

Heritage Brush Set with Luxury Canvas Bag Grey

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LeMieux Heritage Brush Set with Luxury Canvas Grooming Bag


Groom in style with the complete set of Heritage Brushes, for all your grooming needs!  Comes with a full set of the LeMieux Heritage Brushes and the Luxury Canvas Grooming Bag, making it the perfect all in one kit.


Lambswool Body Brush
Made with natural lambswool surrounded by an outer ring of natural bristle, the Lambswool Body Brush is the ultimate soft brush for getting the perfect shine.  Ideal for sensitive skinned horses, or for after clipping, the super soft luxurious lambswool buffs coats for a show ring finish


Combi Body Brush
Fantastic combination brush of soft horse hair & synthetic bristle, brilliant everyday brush. Great for sensitive horses and dirty heads & legs. Ideal when you’re short of time. 


Dapple Body Brush
Natural horse hair bristle preferred by professional grooms for enhancing hair's natural shine & anti-static. Stylish two-tone effect bristle gives the perfect resistance for a deep and therapeutic clean.


Deep Clean Dandy Brush
The 2-in-1 action of this brush stimulates the skin & coat, outer bristle removes dust & dirt. A strong workmanlike brush made with anti-static natural bristle. 


Flick Brush
Excellent for clipped horses & flicking dust and dandruff out of your horses coat. A 'never to be without’ hardworking brush made from strong Polypropylene bristle. Ideal for a quick clean up when time is short.


Gleam Goats Hair Brush

Perfect brush for that show ring finish, will buff most coats to a beautiful shine. Ideal after clipping and for sensitive skinned horses. Made of naturally soft goats hair with a solid grained wooden handle  grooved on the outside for ease of grip.


Soft Finishing Brush
This natural soft finishing brush will bring out the ultimate shine in horses coats. Slightly more resistant alternative to the Goats Hair Brush. Made with anti-static natural bristle. 


LeMieux Luxury Canvas Grooming Bag

Luxurious and stylish grooming bags made from high denier canvas. Ideal for travel or for storage at home these beautiful Grooming Bags have adjustable velcro partitions to create perfect sized storage compartments, with internal and front pockets for additional storage. Complete with a comfort handle and adjustable shoulder strap and finished with luxury synthetic leather trim and signature LeMieux detailing.

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