Cavalor Sole Mate

Cavalor Sole Mate

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Cavalor SoleMate


Developed to provide natural care for footsore horses due to galloping, jumping, pulled shoes, thin soles, bruises, abscesses, etc,. Cavalor SoleMate is a blend of natural ingredients that will not test and can be used during competitions. Cavalor SoleMate is designed to draw out pain, soreness and inflammation after a horses hard workout.



  • Epsom Salts work to draw out pain and soreness.
  • Iodine is an antiseptic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal.
  • Pine Tar helps provide moisture balance and promote new hoof growth.
  • Arnica is an approved anti-inflammatory agent used topically.”



Will Cavalor SoleMate strengthen the hoof?
Cavalor Solemate may help developing good quality-hoof tissues.
Will Cavalor Solemate help relieve pain after trimming hoof-sensitive horses?
Yes, it will definitely help. Cavalor SoleMate has pain-relieving properties.
Could I apply Solemate underneath a hoof pad?
Yes, you can apply Cavalor Solemate underneath a hoof pad.

Info & Care

Directions For Use
Cavalor Solemate has to be used on the sole of the horse’s foot. It is recommended to wet hands before applying. Thoroughly clean all areas of the sole using a hoof pick and a wire brush if necessary. Packing must come in direct contact with sole to be effective. Use an amount of Cavalor Solemate that is sufficient to cover the sole and sulci of the frog 1 cm in depth. Apply hoof packing evenly over the entire sole. After application, cover with wood shavings or paper.
Safety and conservation:
Cavalor SoleMate must be kept in moderate temperatures (10 – 25 C°). If it hardens in cold temperatures soak in warm water to soften. If too soft, soak in ice water or refrigerate to restore proper consistency. Keep out of reach of children.
Cavalor SoleMate will keep for 2 years in a sealed packaging .

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