Cavalor Muscooler

Cavalor Muscooler

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Cavalor Muscooler


Designed to cool the tendons after intensive work. It helps to relax taut muscles, tendons and joints after exertion, thus bringing relief for any stiffness. 

Cavalor Muscooler can be used:

  • After training.
  • At competitions.
  • During transport.


Cavalor Muscooler is a cooling gel based on natural products with added plant extracts that have a stimulating effect on circulation. It does not contain camphor and contains no ingredients that are prohibited in competitive sports.

Info & Care

Directions For Use


  • Muscooler cools after intensive work.
  • Cavalor Muscooler should be applied to the horses legs after heavy training and work.
  • Apply the gel in thin layers on the legs.
  • Do not use on the gel on inflammed and/orbruised skin.

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