Lubrisyn HU Human - Original Flavour

Lubrisyn HU Human - Original Flavour

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LubriSyn HU


Many oral hyaluronan (HA) supplements are available on the market today. Nearly all of them are in capsule or powder form. Our liquid, high-molecular weight HA is unique, providing you with fast-absorbing liquid supplement you need.


The only active ingredient in LubriSyn HU is hyaluronan! Our inactive ingredients are sucralose (an artificial sweetener), and trace preservatives. Hyaluronan (HA) is a naturally found in your body as part of synovial fluid, the viscous substance that cushions and lubricates your joints. Synovial fluid allows two adjacent cartilage caps glide upon one another with minimal friction.


As we age, our synovial fluid degrades in quality. LubriSyn HU helps ensure the integrity of joint fluid. Healthy joint fluid slows the friction that eventually causes inflammation and arthritis. HA is naturally found in your body as part of the fluid that cushions your joints!


"I am a physician who has practiced medicine for over 50 years. Recently, I had an opportunity to try LubriSynhu after trying other medications for my bad, sore knees. After taking LubriSynhu for a couple of weeks daily, I found this easy to take and it materially improved the pain and motion of my knees. I recommended it to several of my patients, who also found it to be quite effective. I recommend it highly to you as well!" - Charles I. Warfield, MD Edgewater, Maryland


"Two years ago, at the age of 60, I experienced my first physical limitation due to tearing the meniscus in my left knee during a 10-mile race. After being a runner all my life and trying to maintain Marine Corps fitness, it was difficult to accept inactivity - even after suffering my first sports injury to require surgery. Following surgery I quickly regained strength and returned to my previous activities only to have arthritis set in as a result of the injury. My knee would swell and become stiff after sitting for any long period of time. That stiffness limited my physical activity. The ensuing months were frustrating and I tried every health magazine remedy advertised including Glucosamine/Chondroitin, MSM, Move Free, and topical pain relievers. I also tried every anti-inflammatory pill on the market. None brought the relief promised. I refused to give up - and a friend told me about LubriSynhu and the amazing effect others were experiencing in regaining mobility from joint pain and especially from arthritis. I ordered it the following day. Then, I took it for about a week and noticed a marked improvement in my knee. I was able to walk a 4-mile route without swelling or any sensitivity. Within two weeks I was on the road and started running without any difficulty! I cannot tell you how much this means to me, and I am letting others know about this incredible product. Last week I flew from Raleigh, NC to Tucson, AZ in a full airplane with my legs cramped up for over 3 hours. When I stood up there was no stiffness and no limp when I took the first few steps. WOW - that's a first after two years of pain and real difficulty standing after a long flight or car ride. I am excited to recommend LubriSynhu to friends and everyone who has experienced similar issues to mine" - Terry Smith, President Texas Steakhouse and Saloon


"After a serious cycling accident and arthroscopic surgery on my right knee, I was told that I would never be able to run again. However, I continued to swim and cycle, and my knee improved - but not to the point that allowed me to run. Then, I was introduced to LubriSynhu!!! After using it for 30 days, I was able to run a little, and pain-free!! I have now used LubriSynhu for 3 months, and can run 3 miles pain-free. The "beauty" of LubriSynhu is that it has worked for me, and has NO side effects. This 58-year-old grandma is delighted with the product!" - Dr. Colleen Isdale Chiropractor


"At the age of fifty, I was one week away from going to speak with an orthopedic surgeon about a hip replacement. I have always been active playing sports in college, and continuing to play softball, basketball, lifting weights and playing golf in the years after college. Both of my hips are arthritic, and I am missing cartilage in a knee. Recently, the pain from my hips was affecting my ability to participate in the sports that I love. Hip replacement surgery would not give me back my ability to stay active - but it would make the pain go away. A good friend mentioned this stuff called LubriSynhu, so I said what the heck at this point in my life. Within a week of taking LubriSynhu, my hip pain had been dramatically reduced, and I am back playing the sports that I love. As an all natural product, I would highly endorse LubriSynhu for those people dealing with arthritis and joint pain, who want to live an active life again." - Dave Bayless Indianapolis, Indiana


Please Note: This product is no longer grape flavour.

Info & Care

Directions For Use


  • Week 1 Loading Dose: 1 tbsp per day
  • After Week 1: 2 tsp minimum per day*

*Results vary. Take more as needed. May take 1-3tbsp per day in severe cases




Supplement Facts Per (10ml) 2 teaspoons

Calories               0
Total fat                0g
Carbohydrates     0g
Sodium               6mg
Hyaluronan          60mg


  • Water
  • Glycerine
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Potassium Sorbate

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