My Joints

My Joints

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My Joints


A unique formulation of high levels of glucosamine, vitamin C and sepiolite. These ingredients have a proven effectivementss, we have not included other ingredients which under pacebo tests have no proven value. 


The best nutrients delivered through the most efficient pathways for the most effective results. From top horses competiing at international level showjumping to 4* event horses and the aged veteran who is a family pet have all benefitted from My Joints.


Contains 10,000mg of Glucosamine per scoop to support mobility and Vitamin C for antioxidant properties. 


Key ingredients per 25g scoop


  • Gluosamine Sulphate 10,000mg
  • Vitamin C 2,500mg
  • Yeast 1,624mg
  • Blended on a speial base of sepiolite and liquorice

LOADING -  add one scoop to the morining and evening feed for 7 days or until a result is noted.


MAINTENANCE -  add one scoop daily to the morning feed.

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