Vetrogard Intense

Vetrogard Intense

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Vetrogard Intense from Animalife


A proven gastric health support supplement designed for horses and ponies of all ages and activities. Palatable formulation is made from micronised soya fermented with Lactobacillus Delbruekii Rosell 197. Vetrogard Intense strengthens the natural defences of the gastric epithelium and aids the balance of acid secretions and protective factors such as mucus, secretion of bicarbonate buffers & cell renewal in the stomach lining


In recent trial 78% of the horses fed Vetroguard showed improvement in signs associated with gastric discomfort after 30 days of use.


Info & Care

Direction For Use


Feed at rates shown. 1 x (15ml) level scoop as supplied = 10g approximately. Ensure clean fresh water is always available. Hay or other forage must be available.


For animal use only. Serve dependent on the individual animal but as a guide. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Replace lid after use. This product is not a Veterinary medicine which is subject to authorisation. 

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