Gel In Seat Saver Brown

Gel In Seat Saver Brown

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I have purchased two of these recently, one black, one brown, and both the same size. However when I went to put them on my saddles the side straps on each were a little different (but both useless). The main strap from front to back is velcro and works fantastically but the same can not be said for the two straps at the side. I know some people have simply cut them off but I like the extra secure fit having the straps gives so I simply unstitched the plastic (and poorly made) clips (if thats what you can call them) from the side straps and stitched my own velcro on instead, job done. Now I have a fantastic item that feels great in the saddle, offers a bit of extra comfort and support and will not move or undo no matter what exercises I'm doing! So I recommend the item, but you may wish to make a minor adjustment to the straps!
Date Added: 17/03/2015 by Evelyn Little