Pro-Sorb Lambskin Half Pad Brown/Brown System

Pro-Sorb Lambskin Half Pad Brown/Brown System

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My friend had one of these (with out the inserts) and we used it, after advice from our saddler, to give the saddle some "lift" off the shoulders, it worked wonders, but we ended up with about 3 layers to achieve the "lift", so researching the other products, we went with the prosorb with the inserts and was really chuffed it was reduced. the delivery was really quick which was a bonus and I was very excited when it arrived. However I was a little disappointed as the lambskin around the front and the rear of the pad was no where near as full or fluffy as the one my friend had, a small thing I know but I just love the fullness and the fact it gave a small degree of protection on the shoulders. The only other small critisim I would have is that I ordered extra pads as we needed the extra lift and the pockets done't allow enough give to put both the pads in and remain closed firmly. However having said that I do love the product, just wish it was a bit more "fluffy"
Date Added: 22/09/2014 by Sandra Blackwell