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Wool Wash

LeMieux Wool Wash£12.50 Inc VAT5.00 of 5 Stars!(7)
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LeMieux Wool WashNew Product
LeMieux Wool Wash
In stock
LeMieux Wool Wash Scientifically formulated to maintain lambskin & lambswool in perfect condition. An essential part of cleaning any wool-lined numnah or square. A unique blend of surfactants and conditioning agents that lubricate the lambskin leather and will give an improved lustre and handle to the wool fibre. LeMieux Wool...
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1 litre 10296 £12.50
Wash Bag£8.50 Inc VAT5.00 of 5 Stars!(2)
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Wash BagNew Product
Wash Bag
In stock
The LeMieux wash bag is ideal for all things horses. It will keep your washing machine clean and horse hair free. Large Bag 75cm x 80cm Small Bag 45cm 30cm
Size Code Price Qty
Small 8516 £8.50
Large 8517 £12.50