ProLambsWool GP Full Monty Numnah Brown/Brown (Merino+)

ProLambsWool GP Full Monty Numnah Brown/Brown (Merino+)

ProLambsWool GP Full Monty Numnah Brown/Brown (Merino+)

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ProLambsWool Full Monty GP Numnah (Merino+)


This really is the Full Monty of numnah’s, fully lined with a full rolled edge of 100% natural Australian Merino lambswool. These numnah’s are thicker (22mm) under the seat area and lighter in the lower panels (18mm). The lambswool is much denser & softer than the older sheep wool used in many rival numnah’s. The spine is swept up at the wither relieving pressure on the spine and allowing air flow. There is also a strengthened 'Signature' girth protection area with double adjustable Velcro straps for ease of saddle fitting.


Old horsemen used to say: There's 'nothing better for a horses back than natural wool' it promotes blood circulation - is fully breathable, maintaining optimum temperature in summer and winter - regulates humidity controlling the breeding of bacteria and skin irritations and prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores.

Info & Care

LeMieux Washing Instructions


  • Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush
  • Machine wash at 30° on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash
  • Use Lemieux Wool Wash (available from Horse Health)
  • Straighten/flatten cotton fabric after washing
  • Air dry near heat source. Never tumble dry
  • Avoid using strong fabric conditioners
  • Please ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing.
  • Warning: In rare cases dye from black wool items may leach from wool items giving a slight blue tint. Staining of grey coats can occur.