Merino+ CC/Jump Square Half Lined Grey/Grey

Merino+ CC/Jump Square Half Lined Grey/Grey

£115.00 Inc VAT
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Good quality, love the color and shipping wxceeddomy expectations!
Date Added: 23/12/2020 by Suzanne Adams
5 of 5 Stars!
This is a well made great quality item that fits bothe the saddle and the horse well
Date Added: 14/04/2020 by Deborah Bhattacharya
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When I first recurved the pad I was disappointed that it doesn’t actually have a sheep skin but I rather a wool carpet. I felt this wasn’t...
Date Added: 20/03/2020 by Faye Wienand
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Amazing product the wool holds its shape and density much better than anything else in the market
Date Added: 14/11/2018 by Louise C