Cavalor Take It Easy

Cavalor Take It Easy

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Cavalor Take It Easy


A syringed oral calmer paste for the reduction of stress reactions.

Each 60cc syringe contains a high dose of Tryptophane, combined with Vitamins A, B3, E and magnesium to create a calming effect.

Use 20-60cc before the stressful situation.

For optimum results, give 20cc the evening before, 20cc in the morning and 20cc one hour before the stressful event.

Maximum dose: 3 tubes per day.

Sold as one 60cc syringe.

Info & Care

Directions for use:


Depending on the level of stress from 20-120 ml in the 24 hours proir to stress situation.

For optimum results, give 20ml the evening before, 20ml in the morning and 20ml 1 hour before.

Max 180ml per day.

1 syringe is 60ml




28.40% crude protein, 0.14% crude fat, 0.33% crude ash, 0.06% Calcium, 0.01% phosphorus, 0.3% Sodium, 0.01% Magnesium, 29.6% Tryptophan

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