Cavalor Emergency 911 Syringe

Cavalor Emergency 911 Syringe

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Cavalor Emergency 911


A fast-acting and easily digestible supplement designed for the support of the internal system during transport and the urgent treatment of colic symptoms where a first aid response is needed before the vet arrives.

The syringe-based paste helps to prevent colic by supporting the intestinal micro flora, and the digestive system of horses with chronic gut issues. It contains prebiotics, beneficial for strengthening the good bacteria in the internal tract.

Cavalor Emergency 911 contains balanced ingredients to support the horse's intestinal system:

  • Prebiotics to benefit and strengthen the good bacteria in the horse's intestinal tract. 
  • Organic yeast extract rich in glucomannans (GM) and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) to help block the colonisation of pathogens and bind mycotoxines to minimise damage to the horse's gut.
  • B vitamins to stimulate A-immunoglobulins and beneficial bacterial growth (eg bifidobacteria). B-vitamins promote gut health and improve digestive function while fighting off harmful bacteria.


In what stage of a suspected occurrence of colic should I use Emergency 911? 
Cavalor Emergency 911 should be administered during the first stage of a suspected occurrence of colic, as it is designed to help stabilise the horse’s intestinal system. If you are unsure as to what stage of a possible occurrence of colic your horses is on, administer Emergency 911 as soon as possible and watch your horse closely for about 20 minutes. If the horse does not show signs of improvement within the allotted 20 minutes, call your veterinarian immediately for further assistance.


Can I use Cavalor Emergency 911 in other situations besides long transport and colic instances? 
Yes, Emergency 911 can help support overall gut health and may be suitable for:

  • Horses that develop digestive reactions due to environmental changes.
  • As an aid to balance the digestive system following any type of disruption to the horse’s normal function and activity (eg dietary changes).

Info & Care

Direction for use


15ml/ 100kg body weight per day.

One syringe contains 80ml.




Apple pulp, dried

Nutrition per L:

100mg Vit B2 - Riboflavine

250mg Vit B6 - Chlorhydrate de pyridoxine 3a831

1050mg Pantothenic acid

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