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Cavalor Take It EasyNew ProductCavalor Take It Easy£17.00 VAT Free
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Cavalor Take It EasyNew Product
Cavalor Take It Easy
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Cavalor Take It Easy is a syringed oral calmer paste for the reduction of stress reactions. Each 60cc syringe contains a high dose of Tryptophane, combined with Vitamins A, B3, E and magnesium to create a calming effect. Use 20-60cc before the stressful situation. For optimum results, give 20cc the evening before, 20cc in the morning...
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Single Syringe 10417 £17.00
AnxiKalm Triple Strength GelAnxiKalm Triple Strength Gel£12.95 VAT Free
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AnxiKalm Triple Strength Gel
AnxiKalm Triple Strength Gel
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The most powerful and concentrated L-Tryptophan syringe on the market. This new syringe is triple the strength of the normal AnxiKalm 60ml syringe and at 30ml is half the volume! The unique gel formulation ensures a fast rate of absorption so the active ingredients get to work rapidly. Administration and quantity needs to be varied according...
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30ml Syringe 9957 £12.95
MagnoCal 3kgReducedMagnoCal 3kg£68.95 VAT Free £40.00
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MagnoCal 3kgReduced
MagnoCal 3kg
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MagnolCal Uniquen blend of bio-available Magnesium Oxide, Chelated Magnesium & Chelated Calcium so essential to brain function and maintenance of healthy membranes & nerves. Improve concentration of spooky horses. A magnesium powder with a difference without L-Tryptophane at a sensible price.  
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3kg 9044 £68.95