NAF Superflex Powder

NAF Superflex Powder

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first I must say I do not usually write comments on products I buy, but I feel compelled to do so for this product I have a 23 year old fyord who started to trip a lot and was stiff while riding my farrier tried different ways of shoeing to no avail, my vet said she had ostio arthritis, so I searched the internet for natural products, I found good reviews for super flex, it took a few months and my horse was feeling less stiff and tripping less, she has had 4 months rest over this winter taking a maintenance dose, I have restarted riding and she is amazing she is going like a 4 year old no stiffness and no tripping, very forward going, brilliant, she is happy and I feel safe while riding her, I would highly recommend this product, I can't understand how it works but it does. You might say the 4 months rest cured her, but she had 4 months rest the year before without taking super flex and she was lame and stiff when I tried to ride her.
Date Added: 09/04/2018 by Catherine Jones