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Homeopathic Tablets

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Homeopathic Tablets


One of the most popular homeopathic tablets Arnica is the first resort following an accident. It can be incredible in its actions following something like a fall - of horse or rider. It deals with the shock, bruising and damage of soft tissue and blood vessels, encouraging the natural processes considerably


Administer Arnica 200c up to three times in the first hour, then twice daily for five days. Use 30c up to three times daily for three days for a minor knock or similar. Start as early as possible after incident. Arnica has usually done its job in the first week, and has little benefit after this time. Arnica, like most remedies, can be used prior to risk situations or prior to known results, such as a racehorse that may be known as a 'bleeder'. It is well advisable to apply Arnica prior to race or fast work for its action on the blood vessels. Arnica is quite often the initial remedy for an accident and can be followed up with other remedies for muscle, ligament, wound damage etc.


Made from skin scrapings and the culicoides midge commonly accepted to cause sweet itch. These tablets can be miraculous for the genuine sufferer. Alongside correct management they can downgrade a bad case to 'medium' in one year and after a few years cases can become minimal. For lesser cases it can be quicker.

Helps maintain the body's natutal resistance and should be used alongside the specific homeopathic pills chosen for the first month. It will at least allow the horse to fight his own problem 'on top form'.
Suggested application: try 30x up to three times daily for approx 1 month (total 3 vials required)


Rhus Tox
Ideal if a little too much work has been done when not fully fit resulting in 'soft' unfit muscles being bruised and stiffening up.
Suggested application: for over exertion, try 2 tabs up to 3 times daily until marked changes are seen. For general lack of mobility, try 2 tabs once or twice daily, depending on the prognosis and/or time of year.

Ruta Grav
A classic follow up for Arnica when a strain becomes apparent; a must for horses that are in more serious levels of work but useful for all types of muscle or ligament strains. Good prior to and following physio etc. and can be used with great success for long-term muscle strains to help promote the natural processes.  Suggested application: 2 tabs, once or twice daily 200c strength for up to three months.


Mixed Pollen
To help combat any seasonal or pollen related allergies

Recovery Remedy
Unique homeopathically produced liquid. A combination of flowers in a brandy base, used with great effect in many cases but not all. To generally calm following shock, for example if the horse is distressed whilst awaiting the vet. In Australia vets use it routinely for animals coming round from general anaesthetic.  Suggested application: Try a few drops directly onto the lower lip, prior to or immediately following a fearful situation.

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