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The purest organic Aloe Vera supplement available. The benefits of Aloe Vera have long known but its effective delivery with horses has always presented a problem. Aloride contains a non-latex form of Aloe Vera with an exemplary quality of polysaccharide powdered Aloe Vera that need not be fed in large quantity. The equivalent of 12ltrs is reduced to just 30 small sachets. Aloeride can be used to support the immune system, help skin & digestive conditions and produce a stunning coat amongst many benefits - in short it keeps horses in robust good health.

Aloe Ride is used for  Hoof and foot

Does your horse suffer from poor hoof growth? Do his feet crumble and split, making it difficult to keep shoes on? Then the unique blend of nutrients in Aloeride® could help. In some parts of the country, lack of rainfall means horses’ hooves are suffering from lack of moisture. Many owners are now feeding Aloeride® as a support mechanism. Don’t just take our word for it that aloe vera can help hoof quality. Clinical trials have shown that aloe vera can boost hoof growth by more than 50% over a four-month period – and the unique spectrum of nutrients within Aloeride® can bring even better results. And don’t forget that in

Aloe Ride is used for  Sweet Itch – Beat the itch with Aloeride®

Climate change means that sweet itch is becoming more widespread and that this distressing condition is no longer restricted to a short season. Aloeride® may help when used in conjunction with preventive strategies and veterinary advice. Sweet itch is an allergic reaction to the saliva of the biting midge Culicoides. The premium quality aloe vera in Aloeride® is a powerful weapon against it.

  • Beta-linked polysaccharides in Aloeride® boost the immune system and also have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • The premium quality aloe vera in Aloeride® contains a range of B vitamins – including vitamin B3, which is known to be useful for allergic skin reactions
  • Owners report that susceptible horses fed Aloeride® don’t rub affected areas or don’t rub so badly
  • Aloe vera is renowned for its wound-healing properties, which leads to healthier, stronger skin

Aloeride® is a cost effective weapon in the war against sweet itch. In most cases, you need to feed just one sachet a day

A shiny coat which owes nothing to cosmetic products is much more than good looks. It’s a sign of a healthy horse – which is where Aloeride® comes in. The key to healthy skin, coat and hooves is a well-balanced diet. What you put on the inside is even more important than what you do to the outside! Adding just one sachet of Aloeride® per day to your horse’s feed can help the natural oils in your horse’s coat do their job as nature intended. Even better, the unique blend of nutrients will also encourage healthy hoof growth.

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