Copper Health

Copper Health

Copper Health

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Copper Health


Copper - the essential mineral - The levels of copper found in many pastures, hay and common feedstuffs is often too low to meet daily requirements, which are essential to the health and performance of horses.
Lack of copper in the diet can also result in coat depigmentation and decolouration.


Copper Health is a unique combination of available organic and inorganic copper sources, allowing for highly efficient absorption and utilisation.

This product does not contain any substances that contravene current Jockey Club or F.E.I rules.


Analysis: Per 20g /Serving

Copper (from proteinates and sulphate) 100mg
Zinc (from proteinates and sulphate) 100mg
Vitamin E (from alpha-tocopherol) 500iu
Selenium (from seleno-yeast) 0.1mg

Copper Proteinate
Copper Sulphate
Zinc Proteinate
D-Alpha Tocopherol acetate
Sodium Selenite
20g a day to be mixed in feed, or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

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