Horse Quencher Mint single sachet

Horse Quencher Mint single sachet

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Horse Quencher


An all natural blend of barley, oats, beet pulp, corn, salts & molasses that when added to water will get your horse drinking immediately. Illness, exertion, traveling and box rest can all stop horses drinking. For competition horses dehydration can cause loss of performance, fatigue, even colic and kidney failure. Recommended by leading Endurance riders and many USET riders.

We recommend you introduce Horse Quencher to your horse as a TREAT at home first. That way he will be used to it and when you need him to get hydrated right away, he will drink.

Your horse will love the taste. We guarantee it!

Stir for two minutes and serve, or let sit for 6 hours or overnight for more flavour

Simply put one scoop (or sachet) into 1/2 a bucket of water (1/3 of a bucket for extra fussy horses)

Most horses dive in right away, a few don’t. If your horse is hesitant, be patient.

Give your horse encouragement. Scoop up the grains that sink to the bottom of the bucket and offer those to him. Often he will then understand that the treat at the bottom is worth emptying the bucket for! Taking the bucket to his nose rather than leaving it on the ground can help.

Persevere. Keep offering Horse Quencher daily. Each day he should start to take more interest. Try making the water-to-HQ ratio stronger at first. Or let the bucket sit for 30 minutes to 6 hours. This will enhance the flavours for the finicky horse. If it's a cold day, make Horse Quencher up with warm water. Try leaving the bucket in his field or stable by his regular water.




Salt (18-22%),
Molasses (8%),
Beet Pulp,
Soybean Oil,
Apple Nectar,
Natural Flavourings;
Fibre (6.5%),
Protein (6%),
Fat (3%),
Phosphorus (0.2%),
Calcium (0.15 %)

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