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A clinically proven, unique and 100% natural, cellulose based nasal powder spray that delivers fast and effective protection for your horse against mould from straw, mite, dust, pollen and other airborne allergens that causes allergic reactions like equine hay fever, cuffing, heaves, runny nose, and other similar symptoms.NostrilVet is a unique cellulose formula which meets both the highest purity and safety standards, being a natural plant based extract.

Studies have shown that by naturally enhancing the protective barrier of the nostril cavitation, it is possible to filter out airborne allergens. NostrilVet works by forming a colourless, thin mucus like gel lining in the nasal tract that acts as a filter for pollen, dust and germs. This protects the horse’s lungs from damage, with clean allergen-free air reaching the lungs, thereby reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

NostrilVet is suitable for all horses, young and old, professional or domestic. NostrilVet does not restrict horses in competing in professional events because it contains no drugs and is 100% natural.

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Directions For Use


  • Test it first. Squeeze the bottle away from yourself. Test the pressure needed to administer an ideal dose, which is approximately a 10 inch plume of powder.
  • Stand sideways to the horse, put your right arm under the horse’s neck and place your right hand over the top of the horse’s nose, which enables you to get the horse in a firm but gentle headlock
  • Hold the head firmly and then place NostrilVet’s bottle nozzle gently into the nostril and push the sides together tightly to deliver one puff of of NostrilVet powder
  • Repeat the above in the other nostril. NostrilVet can be used daily and as often as required to maintain a constant layer of powder on the barrier inside the nostril cavity.
  • If the above does not work, get a friend to come and offer the horse a hand full of feed (or secure the horse in the stable and divert attention with a bucket of feed). While the horse is nibbling on the feed, squeeze NostrilVet up each nostril.
  • NostrilVet is a clinically proven, natural and contains no active ingredients. The key to getting the best out of NostrilVet is to make sure you maintain a constant layer of powder on the barrier inside the nostril cavitation. Doing this reinforces the barrier between the aggravating allergen and sensitive membrane - thus the horse’s natural defence system does not react with typical symptoms of cuffing, asthmatic reactions, runny nose and other allergic reactions.
  • You should administer NostrilVet to your horse before entering an environment containing airborne allergens, for example; the stable or the field on a strong pollen count day.
  • As a general guide, reapply every three hours.

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