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Weight Builder Powder
Weight Builder Powder£42.50 VAT Free4.83 of 5 Stars!(6)
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Weight Builder Powder
Weight Builder Powder
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A premium concentrated high calorie supplement. Traditionally horses needing weight gain or stamina increase were fed increased amounts of grain. However, excessive amounts of grain can lead to digestive upset and as grains are digested as simple sugars, this can 'heat' a horse up when not required. Recently, research has discovered...
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3.62kg 10107 £42.50
12.6kg 10108 £124.50
Omega D Oil£20.00 VAT Free £18.005.00 of 5 Stars!(1)
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Omega D OilProduct of the WeekReduced
Omega D Oil
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Liquid sunshine for Horses Omega D Oil provides the correct RATIO of Omega 3 and 6. Omega D Oil contains added Vitamin D "the sunshine vitamin." Omega D Oil is made from highest grade cold pressed oil. Omega D Oil protects your horse's immune system. Omega D Oil aids overall health and well-being. A little measure...
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2 litre 9552 £20.00
4 litre 9553 £34.95