Weight Builder Powder

Weight Builder Powder

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Weight Builder Powder


A premium concentrated high calorie supplement. Traditionally horses needing weight gain or stamina increase were fed increased amounts of grain. However, excessive amounts of grain can lead to digestive upset and as grains are digested as simple sugars, this can 'heat' a horse up when not required.

Recently, research has discovered the benefits of adding fat to horses' diets:

  • Maintains & enhances body weight.
  • Improves skin, coat and overall body condition.
  • Eases metabolism - no digestive tract upset.
  • 2.5 times more calories than equal weights of grain.
  • Less volume needs to be fed.
  • Allows for decreased heat production.
  • Spare glycogen stores in muscles.


WEIGHT BUILDER does not contain any substances that may contravene Jockey Club or F.E.I rules. (January 2002)


Feeding instructions
Enclosed scoop holds 2 ounces
To maintain skin and coat, feed one scoop daily in feed
To gain weight, feed two scoops daily in feed. This may be increased  for maximum effect.
Horses that train exceptionally hard or are stressed may be fed up to four scoops of Weight Builder with no adverse effects.


Guaranteed analysis:
Crude protein min 14.0%
Crude fat min 40.0%
Omega3 FA min 5.0%
Crude fibre max 11.0%
Calcium min 0.8%
Calcium max 1.2%
Phosphorus min 0.5%


Maize Distilled Grains with Solubles Dehydrated
Heat Stabilised Flax Meal
Calcium Carbonate
Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat
Propionic Acid
Mixed Tocopherols(natural preservatives)
BHT/BHA (preservative)
Artificial Flavour

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